New Year New Targets !

January 16, 2014

Sunset sesh at my local spot this evening....
Looking forward to a warmer climate in  Cape Town later this month.

New sponsor deal !!

November 16, 2013
Stoked to have sponsorship for another year from Hampshire Kitesurfing Centre.

They are taking bookings for 1-2-1 coaching clinics with me which you can book through their website at

So if you'd like to get some tips from me as British Pro Freestyle Champion, then why not contact them.

You can call them too on 07863 811644.

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Busy with coaching clinics....

November 11, 2013
So, I am busy with coaching clinics with the autumn winds blowing through right up until Christmas.
So with that in mind why not think about kitesurfing gift vouchers with Hampshire Kitesurf Centre ??

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Kitesurf Tour Europe !!

October 3, 2013

So, three rounds of the four KTE events done and still standing
just outside the TOP 10 in 13th place....Barcelona next week..
Oh and check out my new vid !!

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British Champion !!

September 16, 2013

What a busy weekend !
The finals of the British Kitesports Association Championships
in Troon took place over the weekend and after two days of little
or no wind the third day brought the winds that the competitors 
had been waiting for.  

After battling through the early heats I found myself in the final against
old hands Richard Flindall and current 2012 vice champion, Jon Bleiker.

In very strong winds I managed to land most of the tricks in my armoury,
except my 5's and after nearly a 2 hour wait...
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Coaching or lessons anyone ?

August 22, 2013

Just lining up some coaching clinics with my sponsors,
Hampshire Kitesurf Centre. Check out their

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Nice article in Hampshire Life !!

August 21, 2013

Stoked with the new article in the August edition of Hampshire
Life !  Only available in the bigger shops, post offices and
news agents.  There is also an article on one of my sponsors,
Hampshire Kitesurf Centre at
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Looking forward to some more filming !!

August 15, 2013

Looking forward to getting some more filming done over
the next few days to get my next vid out and uploaded !!

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Filming !!!

July 31, 2013

Getting some footage at my local spot for my next Vid
with Andy Dixon of LSA Photography.
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Sylt, Germany 2013

July 6, 2013

So, registered and been through the opening ceremony.
Problem now is there's not been enough wind.
Started my heats yesterday but black flagged three times..
Forecast is not looking good for the last two days...
Still it's now turned sunny and warm....
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